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Find the ideal packeg of advertising for you: Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, digital marketing strategy. Contact us for more information.
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  • Social Media marketing

  • from 47/mo
    • Creating an ad campaigns
    • Setting up and managing campaigns
    • Communication with fans
    • Publication of relevant content
    • Reports on daily / weekly / monthly basis

  • Google Adwords

  • from 53/mo
    • Research of market and keywords
    • Create an campaign and ads
    • Updates and changes in the campaign
    • Reports on daily / weekly basis
    • Campaign monitoring (Google Analytics)
    • Communication with Client
    • Coupon for free advertising in a amount of 53 €

Best price
  • Community management

  • from 200/mo
    • Create the Facebook fan page
    • Manage the Facebook fan page
    • Create and manage the Twitter profile
    • Create and manage the Pinterest profile
    • Communication with fans
    • Updates on daily basis
    • Publication of appropriate articles / photos
    • Respond and assists with questions and inquires
    • Facebook apps
    • Prize competitions
    • Analize and reports

  • Web page design

  • from 330/
    • Advising Client in accordance with his wishes and goals
    • Web page design
    • Customizing web page for mobile devices and tablets
    • E-mail address for Clients
    • Web page optimization
    • Multilingual web page*
    • Repot with all necessary instructions for further managing of the site *
    • GIFT: Google Adwords Campaign + 53 € free coupon for advertise
    • NOTE: Client needs to provide text and photos for the web page

    * Client needs to provide the translation

    * The cost of monthly managing and updateing of the web page: from 47 €

All listed prices are without VAT, pursuant to the Article 90 of the VAT Law in Croatia.